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What Is the Difference Between a Tennis Racket and A Padel Racket?


Padel and tennis are two sports that look similar in nearly every aspect. Both games are played on courts, and each sport requires the extensive use of rackets. Despite these and other similarities, padel and tennis require different types of racket.

Before laying out the differences between a padel racket and a tennis racket, here’s a list of the best padel rackets on the market today. It is the Swedish platform Elitepadel that has completed a best in tests with over 100 different padel rackets. Elitepadel Sweden AB is Sweden’s leading website for tests of padel rackets and other products. Probably no other player has tested as many different racket models as they have.

The growth is completely unstoppable for padel recording to Marcos Del Pilar, the President of the USPA (US Padel Association). Let’s look at both types of rackets to know the significant differences.

The padel racket

The padel racket features a short handle and a foam core that is skillfully protected by carbon fiber or fiberglass outer casing. It doesn’t have any strings. This makes it somewhat harder for players to get as much slice and spin on the padel ball compared to tennis.

This is why tactics, placement, control, and mental edge over opponents are key when playing padel.

Different types of padel rackets exist, from cheap to expensive, forgiving and easy-to-play options to the not-so-forgiving ones. Padel rackets come in 3 unique shapes:

This is perfect for more aggressive padel players since it is more challenging to play with.

This is suitable for newbies or beginners since they are more forgiving and easy to handle.

This offers an excellent balance between control and speed since it is somewhat easier to play with.

Each of these has special characteristics with unique pros and cons. There are also heavy and light padel rackets. The latter is easier to handle, while the heavier options give players more power.

The tennis racket

A tennis racket features a long handle and a ‘head’ with strings. The ‘head’ is categorized into three:

Midsize – 550-625 square centimetersMid-plus – 630-680 square centimeterOversized – 685-870 square centimeter

The bigger the ‘head’ of a tennis racket, the more power and control the player enjoys. However, the sizes of tennis rackets’ heads have their advantages and disadvantages.

There are also light and heavy tennis rackets. Heavy tennis rackets are more stable and powerful and transmit less shock to the player. Lighter options are easy to manoeuvre. 

You can also read our article about buying cheap or more expensive tennis rackets here.

Final verdict

Padel and tennis are sports that require similar equipment, especially the racket. However, the racket used in playing padel is not too similar to the type used in playing tennis.

Tennis rackets have heads with strings forming the ‘face’ while padel rackets are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass. These significant differences make both court-based sports unique at all times. This also shows that you cannot use your padel racket for a tennis game, and vice versa.

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