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The tendency to avoid the news is increasing, the confidence is decreasing

The number of people who are selectively avoiding important news is increasing. People’s confidence in the news is also declining. Such a picture has emerged in a survey published on Tuesday. News Reuters.

According to a survey by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s annual digital news report, the number of people who choose to avoid important news reports, such as the coronavirus epidemic, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and the cost of living, is on the rise.

Most of the people who took part in the survey read the news. Thirty-seven percent said they often or at times avoided the news. In 2016, the number of such people was 29 percent. In particular, about 36 percent of those under the age of 35 said that the news weakens their mental state.

People’s confidence in the news is also declining. Few people in the United States trust the news. On average, 42 percent of people say they trust the news most of the time. This number has dropped to almost half of the countries surveyed. Only seven countries have grown.

In the report, Rasmus Clays Nielsen, director of the Reuters Institute, wrote that most people think that the media exerts undue political influence. Only a handful think that news organizations focus on what is best for society rather than their own commercial interests.

The survey was conducted on 93,432 people in 47 consumer areas. The report says that the number of young readers who go to the main news through various platforms like TickTock is increasing. However, their relationship with the well-known media is weak.

Every week, 6 percent of 18-24 year old readers read news through various media outlets, websites or programs, search engines and social media.

About 40 percent of the same age group use ticks. Fifteen percent said they use TickTock to find, discuss and share news.

The number of people reading online news at the expense of money may remain the same. And the vast majority of digital customers will go to a few nationally renowned companies. Of the 20 countries that spend a lot of money reading news, 18 percent of those surveyed said they spend money reading news online. The number was the same as last year.

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