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The new Utah Jazz uniforms are here and they are an abomination

The Utah Jazz unveiled its new uniforms, and ugly doesn’t begin to define them.

Whoever gave the Utah Jazz the audacity to pick this uniform combination must reevaluate their career.

On Friday, the Jazz posted their new jerseys, and only one of them is remotely okay to look at as the rest look out of place.

New Utah Jazz uniforms are an assault on the eyes

Why is there one Air Jordan uniform combination with the rest of them Nike? While the Jordan brand works with Nike, seeing the jump man logo on only one option is odd.

At least those throw-back jersey mountains are blue because they are ice cold and don’t give much life. While I appreciate the attempt, it makes me think of a Coors Light can stuck in the 80s.

That color choice isn’t bad, and among these four options will be the one people buy the most because it’s okay but poorly executed.

The yellow option isn’t close to highlighter yellow like I’m assuming the Jazz wanted it to be. Instead, they took one of Dwight Shrute’s mustard shirts and bleached it a little to mimic neon — that’s an insult to Schrute.

None of the yellows match either. Did no one color match them, or is it the lighting in the photo that makes them look different shades?

On the white jersey, it would have been much better if they left the mustard yellow off the collar and arms. Then it would have been a cool uniform.

That Jordan option is probably the second-best, but again, the absence of attention to detail throws it off and makes it hideous.

Where is the brand recognition with these uniforms? Utah wanted to go bright but didn’t care if the yellows differed. Did they think people would overlook it?

It’s hard to believe they didn’t think that the longer I look at this photo of them. None of this makes sense, and it seems like the Jazz wanted to do something fresh, but instead, it looks like someone saw a squash and said put that color on everything.

Utah missed the mark with these jersey options and maybe should go back to the drawing board if time allows. Bring back the sunset uniform and classic blue trim because those were better than these new abominations.

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