Stephen Curry earns his degree from Davidson

Stephen Curry continues to show why he’s not only an amazing person on the court, but an even better person off of it. On Wednesday, he earned his degree from Davidson and was also honored into their Hall of Fame.

Stephen Curry Graduates From Davidson

ESPN had the following on what Curry and others there said:

“This is an absolutely amazing day and an amazing moment for myself and my family,” Curry said. “The best decision I ever made was to come to Davidson College and pursue an education, join an amazing community and, most importantly, play for an amazing man who has built this program in Coach [Bob] McKillop.”

“To earn this degree you showed determination and perseverance,” Davidson president Doug Hicks said during the ceremony. “It would have been so easy, so straightforward to not complete your college degree. Yet in response to that idea, you did what you did to 29 other NBA organizations, you said, ‘night, night.’”

“Every president at every commencement makes hopeful statements about graduates’ futures,” Hicks said. “In that spirit, I hereby predict, with confidence, Stephen Curry, that you will enjoy considerable success in your life and career after college.”

Curry Is Proud of His Accomplishment

Graduating from college is one of the biggest things that anyone in the world can do. No matter where you attend, graduating from college is something that no one can ever take away from you.

Although Curry is a multi-millionaire, NBA champion, and many other things in life, saying he graduated from Davidson is one of the best accomplishments that he’s ever going to have in his life. Congrats to Stephen Curry on an awesome achievement.

“I’m a graduate,” Curry said to end his speech. “I’m a Davidson alum and I am in the Hall of Fame. And that’s pretty crazy.”

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