Pistons’ Kelly Olynyk marries longtime girlfriend Jackie McNulty

On Saturday, Detroit Pistons center Kelly Olynyk married longtime girlfriend Jackie McNulty at Sunshine Winery in Santa Ynez, California. They’ve been together for nearly five years.

This is the third wedding ceremony for the couple this year. They also got married at a family wedding in Idaho before traveling to Las Vegas to wed again. Olynyk and McNulty wanted to please everyone. Well, it worked.

In an interview with People, the couple said, “We knew we would be together forever and are getting ready to start a family, so might as well throw an epic party.”

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The wedding ceremony was centered around basketball. That should go without saying. Furthermore, the couple are Gonzaga University alumni. McNulty earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2012.

Anyway, the NBA center’s favorite sushi restaurant in Boston helped cater the wedding reception.

“Everyone who knows Kelly understands that sushi is his absolute favorite food, so we had to incorporate that into our wedding day menu,” explained McNulty.

Pistons’ Kelly Olynyk marries girlfriend Jackie McNulty

In addition to sushi on the menu, popcorn, burgers, fries and pizza were served to guests. What a combo! By the sounds of it, the couple’s wedding was one of the best ever.

At the reception, a scavenger hunt, poker, craps and basketball were among the many fun activities offered at the event. Guests also consumed their drinks to a shot-clock timer. Drinking games are always fun.

When asked about their decision to marry, the couple told People: “It just felt really obvious. It just felt right, with a lot of signs from the universe that we were meant to be with each other.”

Now, the married couple are having their honeymoon in Mykonos and Tuscany. Sounds like fun.

After the wedding, McNulty posted an image on Instagram of her celebrating with Olynyk.

Pistons' Kelly Olynyk marries longtime girlfriend Jackie McNulty

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, Olynyk posted an image with this caption to celebrate McNulty’s 31st birthday: “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To my lovely, beautiful, backbone, and soon to be doubly official WIFE! ❤️🎉❤️ you do so much for our family and friends every day, it’s time for you to have your day! We love you more than you love wine 🍷!!!

Detroit Pistons' Kelly Olynyk weds longtime girlfriend Jackie McNulty

In the 2021-22 NBA season, while with the Pistons, Olynyk averaged 9.1 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. He missed two weeks last season after being diagnosed with a grade 2 MCL sprain.

Of course, he is projected to make $12,804,878 next season. However, the center’s $12,195,122 salary for the 2023-24 season is not guaranteed. Regardless, he’s set for life. In fact, everyone he knows is.

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