Open mailbag – focused on answering your Boston Celtics offseason questions

The NBA offseason can sometimes feel like an NFL game. There’s a flurry of action with big swings of momentum, followed by a lot of standing around, talking, pointing, yelling, standing around some more, and waiting for the next flurry of action.

We’re in the standing around and sometimes pointing portion of the offseason. So I thought I’d fill in the time with an open mailbag.

Feel free to ask me about the Boston Celtics offseason, the NBA Draft, free agency, and trades. Look at all the SEO terms I got into that sentence! That’s 18 years of blogging experience right there. By the time I get around to answering there may even be a Summer League game or two to overreact to.

I’m also happy to discuss NBA topics (Kevin Durant might come up) and whatever else you’d like to bring up. Feel free to be creative. It is the offseason after all.

Add your questions in the comments below and I’ll answer as many as I want to.

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