Off topic open mailbag – AMA

The vacation was great, getting some thoughts about the Boston Celtics down on “paper” was therapeutic, but now I’m virtually out of ideas. And I’m at peace with that. (There is one article I’ll write in the coming days about the Celtics, but it is really an evergreen topic that will wait a few days)

What I’d like to do in this mailbag, is avoid the topic of the Boston Celtics completely. In fact, if you ask me a question about the NBA, I’m likely going to ignore it entirely.

So send me your questions about topics that I am MUCH less knowledgeable about. Books, movies, music, vacation destinations, the theory of relativity, whatever works for you on a hot August day in front of your computer.

I’m sure to answer your questions with very little skill or understanding of the subject, but at least going in with those expectations we’ll both have the appropriate level of low expectations.

Ask your questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer in a mildly amusing way. Thanks in advance!

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