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Men’s College Tennis: The Best NCAA Division I Teams in the U.S.

Junior tennis players with aspirations to reach a professional level are given great opportunities in the United States.

Most standout colleges have excellent tennis programs, and the quality of competition at a Division I level is enough for many players to understand if they have a chance on the Pro Tour.

NCAA Division I tennis rankings usually produce similar results, as the top schools are generally in the mix year-to-year. A lot of the same colleges have dominated due to their resources, and the locations with perfect weather have additionally been a helping hand.

But who are the best college tennis teams? Join us in taking a closer look at the schools that deserve the most recognition for their accolades – past and present – as we summarise the strong points of each.  


With 21 National Championships in the books, it was difficult not to put USC at the top of our list. On further inspection, you’ll notice their success isn’t coincidental as they’ve boasted continued success throughout history, winning their first National Championship in 1946.

Rarely USC isn’t in the mix for a shot at the championship every year, and they’ve claimed 5 titles since 2009.

USC has seen the likes of Steve Johnson go on to become a professional, dominating the NCAA scene with 72 consecutive wins before moving onto the big leagues. 

Historically, you won’t find a more talent-rich program than USC.


John and Patrick McEnroe and the Bryan brothers are just a handful of names you will see etched into the Hall of Fame books at Stanford. The school is well known for its educational prowess, but it has owned one of the top tennis programs for decades.

While recent success hasn’t quite matched their 17 National Championships obtained between 1970 and 2000, they’ve consistently provided fresh new talent who remains highly competitive with the best the NCAA Division I offers.


Key figures like Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors are all the evidence needed to know that UCLA is one of the best programs out there.

With an impressive 16 National Championships to their name, they’re often branded as one of the most challenging colleges to face in championship games for both singles and doubles competition.

Ohio State University 

Next up, we have the best team that hasn’t obtained the prestigious National Championship trophy. However, they’ve been runner-up twice and own one national singles champion, and one doubles national championship team during their tenure.

When looking for a team that has the capability of winning a championship but also boasts great odds, Ohio sports betting enthusiasts should look no further. Alongside the likes of Illinois and Michigan, Ohio is always a part of the top three to take the Big Ten title.

During their conference run, wagering in favor of Ohio State University is also a wise move, as they regularly present a strong record. The bookmakers should trust the Buckeyes in the future as their students relish a beautiful facility that delivers twelve outdoor and six indoor courts. 


John Isner, need I say more?

With 6 men’s NCAA team championships to their name, the Bulldogs have created top-10 ranked professional players and a warming atmosphere at their venue. This location is known for hosting NCAA team championships.

They are the most authoritative team from the Southeast, owning a reputation as the elite program on the East Coast due to their coaching staff and impressive tennis complex.


If we’re going to include recency bias, most would suggest that Virginia has been the most dominant program for the past ten years. Before 2010, they won zero National Championships, but between 2011-2017, they reached the championship final in six of those seven years, winning four titles during that period.

After winning three consecutive titles between 2015-2017, the Cavaliers have also produced notable professional players such as Dominic Inglot.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest has excelled in recent years despite being one of the smaller schools. Capturing the National Championship team title and singles title in 2018 put them on the map. They almost made it two consecutive championship-winning years but fell victim to Texas in 2019.

Don’t be shocked if Wake Forest adds another title to their resume over the next few years, as their recruiting class is exceptional.

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