Lamar Odom gets Instagram account back after headquarters visit

Two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom has now reclaimed his Instagram account. In July, he claimed his former management crew denied him access to his own account.

On Wednesday, the former Los Angeles Lakers forward tested out his own account by posting in the caption: “I’m back! Got access to my account thanks to Instagram.”

The Instagram account means a lot to the retired 6’10” basketball star, considering Odom has 827K Instagram followers. Starting from a new account, even celebrities out of the limelight can face challenges building up a large following.

According to TMZ, his former Instagram management team used his account without his permission just for clout. In other words, they were seeking their own Internet fame. Now, Lamar Odom is happy to have his account back in his control and properly managed by a more trustworthy crew.

Then again, some professional athletes are better off not having social media. Last July, when Odom left a comment filled with emojis on one of Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram posts, Tristan Thompson responded to it by posting: “God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.”

Lamar Odom acquires Instagram account

After his old management team lost his trust, Odom announced, “Anything you saw posted in my story or on my page was not me posting or commenting from this page.”

Lamar Odom gets Instagram account back

His new Instagram management team include @ginarodriguez, @karl_mullins and @gitonifilms. Additionally, his agent is @b_lynnsnail. His PR is @entertainmentjunction.

Last month, Odom claimed that he lost $8K per post because of his original Instagram management team. Odom was required to post messages based on the deals he signed with sponsors, but he was not allowed access.

He has 15 deals with companies, ranging from hotel, automobile, beverage and restaurant businesses. Of course, the retired player lost thousands without posting himself to advertise various products.

In one video, Odom left this statement: “My social media is not yours! If I chose to leave, that’s the decision I make. Your decision shouldn’t be to hijack my social media.”

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