Lakers to retire Pau Gasol's number next season?

Marc Mundet: LAKERS | Jersey retirement ceremony Pau Gasol on RAC1: “The ceremony could be the next season. Yes, I’ve talked to the franchise and Buss familiy. We are all very excited”.
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Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Pau Gasol hints at Lakers jersey retirement ceremony during next season… – 4:07 AM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Karl-Anthony Towns is projected to rake in more money with his four-year extension (worth around $224 million) than what Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce or Pau Gasol made in their entire NBA careers.
Let that sink in. – 4:38 PM

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Marc Mundet: LAKERS | Jersey retirement ceremony Pau Gasol on RAC1: “It’s hard to imagine a moment like this. If it comes, it might be full of emotion, and tough to control myself. I’m very excited it comes to reality”. -via Twitter @MarcMundet78 / July 10, 2022

Daman Rangoola: Individual excellence. At every facet of the game – and the height you’ve achieved is perhaps the highest anybody ever has. Kobe Bryant is my favorite player ever – the diff between him in 05-06 vs 08-09 as an example is he imprinted his personality on every single player. Kevin Durant: Ima be real, bean would tell u the difference between him in 06 and him 09 was the addition of pau Gasol and having a chance to really chase a chip. -via Twitter @KDTrey5 / June 13, 2022

Pau Gasol commented on American-born guard Lorenzo Brown potentially becoming Spain’s naturalized player for the 2022 EuroBasket, saying that it’s an addition that can be of much help for the squad. “I’ve heard about it,” Gasol, an icon for Spanish sports, mentioned during an event where he was presented as Iberia’s cultural change advisor. “Also something about Serge [Ibaka]. If they use Lorenzo or whoever as a naturalized player, it will be to help and that’s the job of the coaches and the Federation. Then you analyze if it has worked well or not. With important absences at the point guard, it seems that reinforcement is needed at that position, let’s say.” -via / May 30, 2022

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