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Jerry Jones addresses Sean Payton; says Mike McCarthy can lead Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl

One of the bigger Dallas Cowboys stories this offseason has been about Sean Payton, his availability, and the possibility of him being the Dallas Cowboys head coach come 2023. As much as it would take to make that happen, it hasn’t stopped fans and media pundits from expressing the thought all offseason. While all that is being discussed, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has had to go to work and focus on making this team better while everyone, including the owner of his team, is discussing a possible replacement.

Jerry Jones met with the media as he usually does and this time got around to answering questions directly regarding his feelings about Mike McCarthy’s job stability, Sean Payton and his chances of being the Cowboys head coach, and the overall look at the future of the head coach position of the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: “If I didn’t think a lot of Mike McCarthy being able to coach our team to a Super Bowl, he wouldn’t be the coach today.”

Jones when asked about the Sean Payton speculation being out there: pic.twitter.com/dDb2g7Hpsb

— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) June 17, 2022

Often times when Jerry Jones speaks you need to read through the phrases, quirky sayings, and ‘jerryisms’ to find the true meaning. This time as he faces the media is no different and while there seems to be a ringing endorsement for head coach Mike McCarthy, you have to take what Jerry says day by day and what is true now may not be true tomorrow.

Depending how you look at the quotes, this seems to be the biggest sign of support he has received from ownership since the tough loss versus the San Francisco 49ers, however that may only be for this year as Jerry stated “it’s an eternity between right now and this time next year..”.

All eyes will be on Mike McCarthy and his squad, and if this years season doesn’t go the way they hope, it doesn’t matter what Jerry Jones says today, the Sean Payton whispers will not go away anytime soon.

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