Golden Nuggets: The Cardinals have been a pain in the 49ers’ side

49ers vs. Cardinals predictions: Arizona has been a troublesome opponent (paywall)

“Arizona ranks No. 3 in power success rank, which measures the rate of successful rushes or third- and fourth-and-short. The Cardinals also rank No. 3 in stuff rate, the percentage of runs on which the opposing running back is tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage. Both metrics come from Football Outsiders….Much credit for that goes to 281-pound defensive lineman Zach Allen and safety Budda Baker, who play the run notably well. Allen and Baker have notched 18 and 17 run stops (defined as tackles ahead of the efficient line to gain by Pro Football Focus), respectively, to lead Arizona.”

Jimmy G reveals Aiyuk’s ‘unique’ edge over other receivers

“He has [crazy catches in practice] every day,” Garoppolo told reporters Friday. “It’s kind of becoming routine, honestly. His arms are so long that I’m learning his catch radius and how it’s just different. He had one today over the middle, I put it high in front of him and he just went and got it.”

49ers taking long approach in Colorado to prepare for Mexico City altitude

“That’s where there’s a double-edged sword to go for such a short period of time,” San Millan said. “In one week, you can adapt to some extent. But again, looking at the possible side effects you’re gonna be seeing players who are not gonna sleep well, they’re not going to maybe recover well. The training needs to be significantly altered.”

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