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Bobby, the brother of Kaiser Hamid, is no more

Bobby himself has played football at the highest level in the country. He played in the traditional Wari club in the early nineties. In the 1992 league, Wari lost to Mohammedan by Bobby’s goal. In that match, Bobby Wari scored the winning goal by beating his elder brother Kaiser Hamid. Although he was never called up for the national football team, he played as a national in handball. Besides football, he was also a good handball player. He played for Brothers Union at club level.

The Hamid family is unique in Bangladesh. Bobby is the youngest child in that family. Bobby Hamid’s father Colonel MA Hamid is the founding president of Bangladesh Handball Federation. At one time he was the vice chairman of the National Sports Council. Mother Rani Hamid is a pioneer of women athletes in Bangladesh. International women’s master Rani Hamid has been playing chess since she was 80 years old. The fact that three people from the same family received national sports awards is also unique. Colonel Hamid, Rani Hamid and Kaiser Hamid received the National Sports Award from this family.

Rani Hamid has three sons, Kaiser Hamid, Sohail Hamid and Bobby Hamid. Jebin Hamid, a daughter of Rani Hamid. Kaiser Hamid is a big star in the history of football in the country. Sohail Hamid is a former squash player of the national team. Bobby Hamid has two daughters, Samaha Hamid and Rania Hamid. Among them are Samaha handball players. Bobby’s wife Tania Hamid also played handball in the national team at one time.

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