Blazers to use waive-and-stretch provision on Didi Louzada

What was going through your mind playing with Belgium and the Sydney Kings? Tate: Honestly, my first year in Belgium, my feet were just on the ground. That was a young team, and we were just trying to win. I went out there on a tryout. I was trying to stay on the team. As time went on, I began to show what I am and got more comfortable and confident. That led to me coming back to a Summer League. In Australia, it was different. I always knew that I wanted to get to the NBA. I felt I took a jump from that first year to my second year. I knew going into my second season, LaMelo Ball, RJ Hampton and Didi Louzada would have NBA eyes on them out there. I turned down a lot of money in Europe and took a pay cut to go to Australia because I knew that the publicity and the amount of attention those young rising stars were going to bring could be my opportunity to get to the league. -via HoopsHype / July 15, 2022

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