Another Vieira in Arsenal

Arsenal’s ‘love’ with the name is not today’s.

This Vieira nickname was one of the forerunners of Arsenal’s golden past. He was the captain of the Invisibles team, one of the main tools for spreading the Wenger mantra among other teammates. According to Patrick Vieira, French midfielder AC Milan came to Arsenal in the nineties and won the hearts of the red part of North London. When another man named Vieira comes to Arsenal, where will the fans of the team go without being forgotten?

Patrick was a disciple of Arsene Wenger
Patrick was a disciple of Arsene WengerPhoto: Twitter
Time is running out, and the river Thames in London is flowing far and wide. Patrick Vieira is now the coach of Crystal Palace, another London club in the Premier League.

It was in this situation that another ‘Vieira’ arrived at Arsenal. This Vieira, however, is not from France, his home in Cristiano Ronaldo’s country Portugal. Judging by the type of game as the original name, there is a huge difference between the two Vieiras. While Patrick was a defensive midfielder who was more concerned with helping the defense than attacking, Fabio was not. This very creative footballer prefers to keep control of the game on his own feet to score goals. With this Fabio Vieira, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta wants to teach the Premier League a new lesson in creativity.

Fabio Vieira signed for Arsenal from Portuguese club FC Porto for 35 million euros. Subject to various conditions, Porto has the opportunity to earn another 5 million euros for Vieira in the next few years.

Vieira has signed for Arsenal on a five-year deal. “I am thrilled to be able to find a genius like Fabio Vieira,” he said. He is a very creative player who will enhance the quality of our attacking game. ‘

Vieira has scored six goals for Porto last season, as well as 14 assists from midfield, the highest among any under-21 player in Europe’s top six leagues.

The fact that Vieira himself was about to join Arsenal is evident in his words, “When I heard that a club in North London was interested in signing me, I started praying for the club to become Arsenal!” Tottenham, another club in North London, may not like that much!

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